Personalized Garden Designs

  • We assist you in choosing showy & unique plants with all year interest within garden themes that are uniquely your own.
  • Many garden styles & themes are offered, including personalized mixtures of several styles: Woodland, Tropical, or Mediterranean. Native, Coastal, or Desert. Tuscan, English, or Water Gardens. Pacific Woods, Flowering Meadows, or many, many others.
  • Over 1000 varieties of beautiful low maintenance plants with a long blooming or interest season, many in our Plant Photo Books, are used to create your own personalized oasis.
  • Our designs blend many years of Fine Art, Design & Botanical experience.
  • Experienced in Landscapes Designs that resist: fire, deer and wind.
  • Block unwanted views, weather, sounds and get more privacy.
  • Interactive plants including: herbs, fruits, cutting flowers, etc.

Enjoy Lush Fragrant Gardens that bloom All Year !

Low in Maintenance & Water Use

  • Only vigorous disease resistant plant varieties used.
  • Fast growing plants can outgrow and smother many weeds.
  • Low water use (& low cost!) Drip Irrigation Systems primarily used.

Play in your garden instead of working in it !

Budget Friendly

  • Your Garden can be designed in budget friendly phases that will look great each step of the way.
  • Professional buying & planning experience reduces & controls costs.
  • Low Maintenance means lower costs !

Environment Friendly

  • A large selection of beautiful Native Plants offered.
  • Your garden is designed to be maintained using no toxic chemicals.
  • No more worrying about your family, pets, your or the environment's health.
  • Many plants used provide food and shelter for attractive and beneficial animals.

Beautiful Birds, Butterflies and other Wildlife will come to visit and live in your garden!

Experienced in all aspects of Landscape Development

  • Decks, Patios, Walkways & Stairways.
  • Fences, Walls, Screens, Gates & Arbors.
  • Ponds, Waterfalls & other Water Features.
  • Night Lighting, Garden Sculptures & Accessories.
  • Long Term Maintenance Planning specializing in Non-Toxic Pest & Weed Controls.

A Complete Garden & Landscape Resource