Avant Garden Elements

Whether you already have a detailed garden design in mind or want me to create your landscape from my own experience, the finished product will be a living extension of your home and a gentle lure that brings you outside to enjoy the garden landscape we have built.

I promise unusual variety and unique landscapes, even in limited spaces. Each year horticulturists produce more than 1000 new garden plant varieties. Many are ideal for the San Francisco, Oakland Bay Area of Northern California.

Check out some Plant Superstars!

Most never show up in your local garden supply nursery. Since customers do not know to ask for them, the local suppliers do not see a willing market for new plants.As your professional garden landscape advisor, I stay abreast of new plant features and availability and maintain associations with suppliers where I can get them. This gives you the opportunity to have an absolutely unique garden with landscape elements that will never be duplicated in your neighborhood.

Uniqueness does not stop with plants. Architectural elements lend depth and definition to areas within your garden. Flowing water, entry areas defined by plants and structures, paths with natural surface materials, quiet pools, even well designed and integrated retaining walls can evoke emotional responses from any who enter your garden.

My designs bring nature into your garden with you. Animals belong in gardens. Their presence adds sound, color, movement, and authenticity to your outdoor experience. Rather than using pesticides to kill insects and poisons to keep away deer, I invite birds with nesting places and fruit to eat. The birds keep insects in control. I include plants that deer will eat in moderation. Your quiet personal refuge becomes nature's sanctuary.

Design is a collaborative process. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder I engage your thoughts and desires in what I do. I function much as an architect does when designing a building. We start with your ideas, whatever the level of detail might be, and add my experience, expertise and artistic abilities. Together, we build your desires into something near perfection.

I invite you to browse this site and suggest that you then contact me for a free consultation.